Dear Marathon Goddess

Dear Marathon Goddess:

I wish we would have met under different circumstances.  Maybe just connected through social media since we are both plant based athletes but unfortunately our lives came together for our passion to kick pancreatic cancer’s butt for taking both our father’s lives.

I am thankful for all you do to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer and was so honored that you ran one of your 52 marathons in 2013 in my dad and uncle’s memory.

marathon goddess tribute

You helped give my second Ironman more meaning to be training and racing and raising money through the help of my family and friends towards your $1M goal.  We were physical strangers but yet you camped out at your computer to watch me come through the finish line.  My dad couldn’t be there but yet, you were there in spirit for me.

Putting two of my passions together!

Putting two of my passions together!

Even though it is our arch enemy, pancreatic cancer is what brought us together last night to finally meet in person.  It was a joy to watch the start of your 2013 52 marathon journey in the Spirit of the Marathon II viewing last night.  You have such a light and positive energy about you.  When you were introducing the movie and telling the audience how we knew each other, I could imagine our dads, Maurice & Doug, above beaming with pride on how we are both trying to honor their lives.

"We've got this!"

“We’ve got this!”

The timing couldn’t have been better to meet you and watch you evangelize about pancreatic cancer awareness and funding as my dad’s birthday is in two days, 7/22.  He would have been a young 62 years old.

Cardiff beach ~ 2006

Cardiff beach ~ 2006

Even though we would have chosen our paths to cross in a different way, life is funny that way and negative tipping points can lead to positive things.

Thanks for fighting the fight Julie (AKA: Marathon Goddess) and reminding me and others “We’ve Got This!”

Wishing you vibrant health and carefree running!


Heidi (AKA:Veganxplorer)





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