Going Home

I just returned from a week in North Dakota and Minnesota where I spent time with family celebrating the life of our maternal grandfather, Howie.

Funerals are a sad time but they also provide a time for families to get together and share memories and draw comfort from one another.  I was fortunate to see almost all my family members from all the different family tree branches.  My heart was filled back up during the week by celebrating Grandpa Howie with a family bowl at the Bowler where he managed the lanes for 26 years as well as spending time on Lake Maud (and swimming across it twice) where we spent our summers growing up with countless memories.

I spoke (when I was not a crying mess) at my grandpa Howie’s memorial service with the theme, “Going Home”.  My family moved a lot when I was growing up so I never got too attached to a place or home however my grandparents home in West Fargo was a place I considered home and their doors were always open to us.  During my speech, I verbally walked everyone through the house on 3rd St. Court with memories of Grandpa Howie in each room.  My grandfather has been wheelchair bound and without speech or written communication since a massive stroke 2005.  My grandpa was an energetic and outspoken German and I knew his 9 years being dependent on others was not what he would have chosen.  I feel comfort knowing Grandpa Howie is finally “Going Home” and hope his soul is free from the pain he endured during his final years of life.




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