Conversation my sister overheard her 8 year-old son tell his friend during a car ride to the local sports center to participate in a kid’s run:

Nephew’s Friend: “I think I am only going to run the half mile”

Nephew: “You can do the 1 mile.  My aunt she is a Superwoman and she does Supermans so if she can do that you can do the 1 mile run!”

Kid's run

This story melted my heart!  My nephew doesn’t remember the word Ironman for the race he was talking about but if in his mind I am a Superwoman that does Supermans that works for me!

When I was recently in North Dakota there was a mini beginner triathlon that I read about in the newspaper.  I told my nephew about it and he would have signed up without hesitation!  We told him it was a great goal to work towards and that he could start working on his swim endurance since he already rode bike and did some running.  He was also at the lakes with me and watched me swim across the lake twice during my stay so I think he understood more on why it is important to practice the swim portion.

I know compared to a lot of athletes I am not a “superwoman” but this story goes to show you that no matter what level you are at in certain talents you have there is always someone out there you can touch and inspire.  I put a little inspiration bug into my nephew and he passed that little inspiration bug onto his friend and 4 year-old sister.

Look around you and see who you can inspire or be inspired by!  You are a Superwoman or Superman to somebody!


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