Brain Workout

I enjoyed my college experience 17 years ago (yikes!) but wasn’t into academia but did the work to get through the classes and earn my communications degree in 4.5 years.  Over the past couple years I’ve toyed around with the idea to get a health coach certification as I love mentoring others on their health journeys.  I finally pulled the trigger and have started one of two certifications through ACE (American Counsel of Exercise).  They offer a health coach certification but you have to have a health/fitness background, if not you have to take the personal trainer or group fitness certifications.  Since I used to teach aerobics and wouldn’t mind doing that again I am working on the group fitness certification program.  Once I pass the exam I can start working on the health coach certification.

I love training my body but man oh man my brain is lacking fitness and thus now getting a daily dose of exercise as I dive back into human anatomy, exercise physiology and applied kinesiology (spell check doesn’t even know what that word is!) just for starters!  Each day I am armed with my book, study guide and highlighter.  There are days I pick up the material and try to absorb but after short order I know my brain is max’d out for the day.  I’m mixing it up too and suiting up in my two piece and studying for an hour at the pool, of course to get my vitamin D dose for the day. Even though the material is challenging I like how I am mentally putting together the concepts I am learning and how it applies to my current swim, bike, run training and what things I could be doing differently to focus on the functional muscles that would make me better at each of the disciplines.

ACE group fitness materials

I’ve worked the body this morning, rested this afternoon with a nap and now study time before dinner!  We took a hiatus from Netflix as my husband is taking a class so for the time being we will have fun pretending to be in college again while we both learn something new and exercise the mind!



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