Our friend since college is stationed in Portland while his ship gets repaired.  He reached out at the end of November to see if we wanted to come and spend New Years with him, his wife and baby boy.  We haven’t brought in the new year since 2001 (sans Kristen and Andrew).

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Since I just started a new job I said I wasn’t sure if I could get time off.  Here was his text reply:

Tell your boss that a friend of yours who is responsible for you meeting your husband is about to go away on a ship in the Navy for 9 months and you really want to see him before he goes and show him a picture of Andrew and they want you to meet him too before he gets all grown up.  How could your boss say no?:)

Ryan know hows to get to my heart!  Right away I reached to my boss and of course because I work with an awesome team he said go for it and we booked tickets!

Fast forward to post Portland trip and we are still talking about how much fun we had.  So great to spend time with the Sylvesters and my in-laws that made the road trip from Boise to Portland to spend the beginning of 2015 with all of us.

We spent four days run site seeing, exploring the city using the train, bus, street cars and tram and didn’t miss an opportunity for endless vegan gluten free dining options that Portland offers!

Until next time Portland, we’ll continue to get our Portland fix in sunny SoCal through Portlandia skits!


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