New Decade – 40

There is a lot of hype when one reaches the 40th birthday milestone and here I am today soaking it up and embracing each moment entering into a new decade of life and couldn’t be happier!  I was asked if I could beat my 20 and 30 year old selves in a race and it is great to be able to say “absolutely”!

First metric century circa 2005

First metric century circa 2005

Here’s a recap of all the celebration events with family and friends.  Everyone made this day perfect as I dive in to rock the 40s!  Remember, each day is a new day for us to challenge ourselves to be the best we can be!  Age is not a limitation!

  • Waking up taco’d by my husband, Matt and our two fur babies, Lux & Rancho
    • Pinching myself that he knew me when I was 19!  21 years, Whhhaaatttt?!
  • Reading all the beautiful cards my family and friends sent me
  • Opening the front door to a home grown and arranged bouquet of 40 roses and a heartfelt letter from my dear friend Cathy that I met in 2007 through triathlon

Roses from Cathy

  • Meeting some of my first friends in San Diego, Amy & Sylvia, for a run at dark thirty.  Even though we don’t get to see each other often I feel so fortunate to have them in my lives for the past 17 yearsAmy_Heidi_Sylvia
  • Bike ride along the coast with my hubby, who is my best friend and seeing two triathlon friends along the way and them yelling “happy birthday” to me

Biking with my best friend

  • Visiting with friends over coffee and vegan treatsMatt Les, Heidi & Karen
  • Post coffee masters swim class with friends and “treated” to 50 yards of breast stroke while the masters class used kick boards to create waves for me!  Thanks Hux and Les!
  • Friends willing to try something new even though it was intimidating but guess they are now hooked!


  • Lunch with friends at one of our favorite vegan joints.  Lots of kale at the table!

Native Foods 2 Native Foods

  • Listening to voice mails (thanks for all the birthday singing!) and reading text messages from friends and family far and wide while on way to a spa appointment!
  • Talking to my Kansas mom and hearing she is coming to visit in July!
  • Spa afternoon bliss compliments of hubby with my spa buddy Shephali!  Girl time and massage time are critical to one’s health!

Spa Time

  • Reading all the Facebook and email messages from friends and family with a full heart
  • Homemade meal, wine and movie time with Matt and the kitties to top off the day

So be assured anyone under 40, there is nothing to fear!  So far day one in my fourth decade is better than I could ever imagine!


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