8 minutes faster from 2010 Ironman Oceanside 70.3 hurts.

I had a goal to go sub 6 hours for this race.  Ironically my first 70.3 in Boise in 2008 was my best 70.3 to date 5:52.45.  I know you can’t really compare races but know for other 70.3s I give in to walking too much.  At Boise 70.3 I made a “no walk contract” with myself and held to it which is the tactic I took today.

Swim was comparable to other 70.3s I’ve done in the past five years.  My age group wave was treated to a group of sea lions flirting with the spectators on the docks before we got in the water and then they followed us to the in water start buoys but fortunately I didn’t end up on any sea lion flippers during the swim!

I haven’t gone under 3 hours on the bike since Vineman 2011 so I tried to make sure I had a balance of not over biking (need legs for the run) but trying to improve my biking time.  Maybe the guy that stood up on his bike on a downhill and took a pee which was spraying in the wind was a motivator to get me passing him quickly to improve my time:)  When I passed him I said, “dude, all over me!”.

heidi bike

Running is not my strength but I continue to work on it and try to make progress.  When I started the run I already had a right leg quad cramp but know from past experiences that it can pass so I trudged along, worked on nutrition/salt and dealt with it on and off during the run.  I didn’t feel speedy but just did mental talk throughout the run and said “sub six equals no walking” so I just focused on one foot in front of the other and concentrated on a steady eddy pace.  I did the math at each mile marker and knew if I didn’t walk I could make sub 6 hours.  I jogged through the finish line with leg cramps at 5:55!

heidi run 2

Thankful for my super fans hubby, Matt (who rocked his race!) and our dear friend Cathy who cheered us along all the way and gave me a lucky penny during the run to keep my spirits up.  Thanks to everyone else that cheered me along even though I kept a game face and wasn’t interactive, I appreciated the encouragement!

Fortunate to be motivated and supported by Groove Tri teammates and our generous sponsors (Nuun too!)

groove sponsors


Swim 36:37 (12th AG)

T1: 0:03:54

Bike: 2:57:49 (9th AG)

T2: 0:03:35

Run: 2:13:28 (20th AG)

Total time: 5:55:23

20th AG, 15 percentile in AG 40-44 (134 completed)

We are planning on signing up for Boise 70.3 this June so I guess I will have to target a 5:50 goal in 2.5 months!


11 thoughts on “#IMCali70.3

  1. I can relate to your PB being your 1st try, that’s the case with my marathons, I was never able to top the initial one. But if you go back to the same course, I’m sure you can do it!

    • Thanks Frederic! Boise will be interesting as the time I did it was a traditional 7 a.m. start but now the race starts at noon so conditions will be different but will do my best to beat my PB from 2008!

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