Below the line

In general I am an even keeled kind of gal and generally content and happy.  However this week I feel just crabby and on edge and no, I’m not PMSing (can you tell I’m on edge:))!  I had four hours on the bike today to think about how I am feeling.  My head was not in a good place from the get go of 60+ mile bike ride so lots of time to reflect on what was going on with me.  Big thanks to my husband for dealing with my attitude plus pulling me along and making sure I got through the ride and home safely!

empty_gas_tank_flip_flops_mugI used to call this feeling “being in a funk”.  I was fortunate to attend an igolu session with my Fitn family and learned about “above and below the line” which helped me articulate more about what being in a funk is.  What is great about this concept is that with permission your coworkers, friends and family can help you try to get above the line.  It is so refreshing to be at work and have a coworker ask how I am and I can say “below the line” and in return they ask if there is anything they can do to help get me above the line!  I’ve never experienced that open and conscious line of communication in my career before, so refreshing!

So this week I have felt below the line.  I’ve asked myself some basic needs questions such as:

“Have you eaten?” – check

“Are you eating foods that make you thrive?” – check

“Are you getting sleep?” check

“Are you getting exercise?” – check

“Did you recover enough from your race two weeks ago?” – Based on hours before and after race, seems so, check

Based on that review I’m checking the boxes in the general self care area but am not feeling like my best self.

We have some high work goals right now so I am aware my cortisol levels are higher than normal but nothing earth shattering.  I likely need more mediation and time on my mat to help balance out that area.  Note to self to schedule a yoga date with my mat!

I’m thankful I have the tools to recognize when I am “below the line”, “in a funk” or just plain “tapped out” and know this too shall pass!  I will try to be mindful for the rest of the weekend to give myself a little more TLC to get myself above the line before starting a family vacation mid week!  And on that note, time to nap with my hubby and kitties to start filling up my tank to get me above the line!


2 thoughts on “Below the line

  1. Thanks for this post. I am feeling the same way lately sista! Maybe we can get to a Yoga class together in the CIties! xo

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