Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

I’ve caught and can’t shake the wanderlust bug.  This welcome ailment has been with me for some time now.  I think the symptoms started when my husband and I took our first six day self supported bike trip in the spring of 2012 on the Adventure Cycling Utah Cliffs route.  We were in our element being on the bike up to 11 hours per day, pitching our tent where ever we could, cooking our food with a Jet Boil and appreciating a shower when we could find one.  I’ve always wondered if I was a hippie in a former life!  Growing up we would have thought the word dirtbag was negative but now as adults that is what we strive to be!

Matt & I in Zion

Matt & I in Zion

We enjoyed our 12 years of home ownership in SoCal but started learning about the MMM simplified ways of life.  Next came learning about the Tiny House movement (however we would need a separate not so Tiny House garage for all our outdoor gear) and we started down the path of downsizing and planning for our vagabond escape.

We fall asleep dreaming of biking and camping along the Adventure Cycling Transamerica route, RVing in our Itasca around the United States and spending the summer in Leadville, CO with DirtyHundy and soaking up the ultra athlete lifestyle and losing ourselves on the Pacific Crest Trail for a good part of a year.

Does anyone else suffer from the wanderlust bug?  I know we can’t be alone with the wanderlust fever as there are even Wanderlust festivals!  I love meeting people like my coworker that always has an adventure planned and soaks up all his experiences.  I’ve wondered if we only have this bug since we don’t have kids and can up root.  This notion is brushed aside when we learn about people that include their kids on their adventures and immerse them in the different travel and culture experiences.

Until the time comes for the next big downsize (empty 900 sq ft apartment into six bike panniers) we will soothe our aliment with adventure documentaries and getting prepared for our upcoming 2.5 week Pacific Northwest race and camping trip.  Here’s a sneak peak at our itinerary.  I get to cross off one of the last five states to visit (Washington).  I think this will give us a good dose of wanderlust fix!

Boise, ID - 5 days (half Ironman race and time with family)
Bend, OR - 1.5 days Mt. Hood, 1 day Mt. Rainier - 1.5 days
Seattle/Bainbridge Island - 1 day Olympic National Park - 1 day Victoria/Duncan, Canada - 1.5 days
Oregon coast camping - 1 day Redwoods camping - 1 day Bust through California - 1 day

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