Who Rescued Who?

I’m in that phase in life where people that got animals in their early adulthood are starting to have to say good-bye to them. It is amazing how when you open your home to an animal they grow with you through every phase of your life without judgement.  To them you are their pack leader and their care taker no matter what is going on in life. After celebrating our first wedding anniversary in the fall of 2001 we decided to expand our pack and adopted two kittens from Rancho Coastal Human Society.  Our two fur babies are with us as we approach celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary.  So much has happened in the last 14 years but they have remained the constant in our life.

Lux & Rancho 2002

Lux & Rancho 2002

I wanted to reflect on our feline friend Rancho as he is beating stats for intestinal lymphoma and going strong two years into daily steroids and 3x a week chemo.  As friends and families are saying their good-byes to their animal companions I wanted to recount all the things that makes my heart melt for this little buddy.  Even though it will hurt like hell when he takes his last breath, his companionship make every day a better place for me.  I’ve heard from many people with children that they didn’t know love until they had kids, well I am sure there is a different level of love for all the beings we have in our life but I am so thankful for how full my heart is from fur baby love!

  • Soft fur (before meds took the luster) and baby skin under belly
  • Sweet little squeak, not a traditional meow
  • Sleeps by my side every night and every nap
  • Tends to me when I am sick.  Sat by my side in bed while I had food poisoning but trotted along to the bathroom with me every 15 minutes while I got sick.  Back and forth, all night long.
  • Sits on my lap while I am on the computer
  • Fishes wet food out of his bowl and eats off his paw like he is fishing
  • Loves playing in the watering can on the patio and licking his paws
  • Comes like a dog when I pat my lap (with a minky blanket on it) and cuddles up with me
  • Sits close to the door, waiting to go out on the step when I get home and get a rub down
  • Drools while being pet after missing us when we have been out of town
  • Despite being a love bug, bites the neck scruff of the female feline, Lux, when she is meowing too much.  He must feel the way we do and wants her to be quiet.
  • Steals Lux’s treats even though she is the chief cat of the house
  • Enjoys cat naps on the patio in his catio, outdoor lover like his humans
  • Despite all the med administration and needle pricks he has had to go through he has never tried to bite us
Rancho 2013

Rancho 2013

I know the answer to the question, “who rescued who?”.  I will hold onto all these memories when the time comes to say good-bye but until then time to go snuggle up with my buddy, Rancho.


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