Above the Line

Several weeks ago I wrote about being Below the Line.  After I wrote about it several people told me they were feeling the same way.  Someone even said they heard that reportedly it was based on some astrological event! Thankfully it was short lived as I tapped into the tools I know that will get me Above the Line.

igolu 1

Staying above the line is how we connect with our best self.

  • Yoga is a practice that always helps me feel centered and grounded.  I wasn’t able to go to a class during this time but even just doing some sun salutations and stretching at home does the trick
  • I know for myself I tend to close myself in when I am feeling down but if I just reach out to connect with some friends on the phone it is an easy way to be lifted up and reconnect
  • I was fortunate to have a trip planned back to North Dakota and Minnesota which meant time with my husband and getting filled up from all my family’s love.  Even though the trip was short and hectic at times my cup gets filled up from my family
  • A little self care can go a long way.  My friend and I had a La Costa afternoon spa date which is always rejuvenating and allows for a good girl friend chat!
  • I’d be hard pressed to ever say I don’t get enough sleep as I love to go nap on the weekends but I made sure I was getting rest as I was working on getting above the line
  • Meditation, no matter how long, is such a valuable tool to reground oneself
  • I was able to see my high school friend Robyn and her baby son, Zealand, in Minneapolis.  I haven’t see her since her wedding reception so it was great to see her in the next chapter in her life as a mom.  To top it off when I got home I got a surprise SoCal visit from another high school friend Leslie  It was a highlight to catch up with her on a morning coast run in the rain!

Once I got back above the line and felt like my best self it made me think of how I feel when I am sick and during that time can’t wait until I feel healthy and 100% again!

I was talking to a friend about the Below/Above the line concept and she said her company used it too but it became more of a confrontational word in meetings by people saying “you are going below the line” if they felt the person was being confrontational.  I thought that was a bummer as I have found it to be a safe way to communicate how you are feeling and a way for people you trust to help get you back to your best self.

What types of tools do you use to get back to your best self?


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