I’ve been cycling and doing organized cycling rides since 2003 but I didn’t get into running and triathlon until 2007 as I wanted a new physical challenge.  It’s been eight years since I signed up for and did my first ever running race (on the morning of our friend’s wedding in Central Park!) and completed my first sprint triathlon.

There are so many people I know that are going on decades of racing so it makes me excited to think about all the years ahead of doing what I love, training and racing for swim, bike and run! There are so many people joining both the sport of running and triathlon so I thought I would list out all the races I’ve done and some blogs I’ve written post race which people new to racing might find helpful when they are researching race options.  I’ve raced mostly on the West Coast for ease of gear transport via road trips but running races are easier to do remotely as all you need is your running shoes!  Getting into sport can be intimidating so here’s a great resource to check out for training and nutrition programs: Groove Tri



Race Blog Posts

I’d love to hear from you on your favorite races to consider for the future!


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