Meal Rotation

Does anyone else get in a cycle where they are making the same meals every week?  When you like the food it is not an issue and makes weekly grocery shopping easy as you always buy the same staple ingredients and takes the guessing out of what you are going to make on any given night!

My mom and I have different tastes in food but I did pick up her style of minimal ingredients and easy prep.  My husband is easy to please in the food category but his only complaint is not being able to replicate what I make since I usually don’t go by a recipe (even though I have great cookbooks) and just throw ingredients together.  However he has figured out the lentil soup recipe and nails it each time when he cooks for me on Monday nights since that is his work from home day!

Now that the season is changing we will mix it up again with more salads and veg sushi rolls but here is a look at what is in our current meal rotation each week and page with some other oldie but goodies.  We always try to make enough for four servings per meal so we can use the left overs for lunch the next day.

  • Green breakfast smoothies
  • Tex Mex
    • Black & refried beans, stir fried onion, peppers and mushrooms, cherry tomatoes salsa and avocado

tex mex

  • Roasted vegetables with curry sauce
    • Can of coconut milk, dollop of nut butter (any type you like), spice w/curry, tumeric, crushed chili peppers & salt
  • Homemade pizza
    • Customize regular and gluten free Rustic brand crusts (need to explore the homemade sweet potato or cauliflower crusts I know people are making) with vegetables and vegan cheese

Matt loves pizza

  • Lentil soup
    1. 2 c. soaked lentils, drained and rinsed
    2. 15 oz can diced tomatoes
    3. Diced onion
    4. Cup of mushrooms
    5. Add in diced carrots and any type of greens if you have them in your fridge
    6. Combine in pressure cooker and cook for 15 minutes once pressure it reached
    7. Spice with curry, tumeric, crushed chili peppers & salt

If you haven’t cooked with a pressure cooker I highly recommend investing in one.  You can cook rice in 10 minutes and beans in 15 minutes!  We throw together complete soups and bean dishes such as chana masla in 15 minutes!

In addition to our weekly meal rotation we pepper in the following snacks: MRM protein drinks, nuts and raisins, applesauce, Lara bars, fruit, seaweed wafers and smoothies.

On the weekends we add in a cooked sweet potato or yams w/nut butter for pre rides.  Matt’s pre ride breakfast is UFO (ultimate f***’n oatmeal).  During our rides we love ourselves some Bonk Breakers!  On Sundays for brunch we might whip up some vegan gluten free pancakes.  We also enjoy some homemade raw vegan desserts during heavy training weekends such as raw nut brownies!

What is in your current meal rotation or do you mix it us every week?  Feel free to share any vegan gluten free quick meals with us so we can mix it up for the summer!

4 thoughts on “Meal Rotation

  1. this is one of my reoccurring struggles…whether to mix it up or do regular meals! We’ve become more regular lately. I used to be all over the map!

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