Bike to Work Day

Due to rain, San Diego rescheduled their national bike to work day, from May 15 to today, May 29. My husband bike commutes regularly and I try to bike to work a couple days a week.  I should do it every day as it is only a 12 minute, 2.7 mile down hill ride into work!  In a couple weeks our office is moving but it will still only be about a 7 mile bike commute down the coast. Despite my husband’s regular work bike commutes he has never done an official bike to work event as they usually fall on a Friday and that is his motorcycle commute day.  However, we decided to do the bike to work day together and stop at a downtown Encinitas pit stop. Before we partook in bike to work day we made some stops along the way. We started our morning out with loading up our gear for the day on our Surly Long Haul Trucker commuter bikes and rode down the hill (about 1.25 miles) to the YMCA for our regular 6 a.m. Friday morning masters swim practice.

After a 3,000 yard workout and shower we got back on our bikes and rode to downtown Encinitas for a sag stop off 2nd and D Street where we scored some coconut water and bike to work 2015 t shirts.  Matt proceeded for his approx. 17 mile ride to work in Sorrento Valley and I biked another block to meet my Groove Tri team mates and friends for a post swim/pre work coffee date.

After a nice visit and weekend bike ride planning conversation I headed South on the 101 to work in Cardiff.  Not too shabby views for the quick ride into work along the Pacific Ocean.

I love the vibe when lots of cyclists are out on the streets.  San Diego is a big road/tri cyclist community but it is even a cooler vibe when you see people riding their bikes with their back packs or panniers loaded for their ride into work or riding for their daily errands.  Life on a bike is so simple and freeing.  I find myself letting the thought of logistics get in the way when I think about riding my bike to get groceries but once I do it I can’t believe I was contemplating driving the car instead. I am thankful my parents always had me outfitted in a bike and that into my adulthood biking is a part of my lifestyle whether on my road or tri bike for race training or on my commuter bike for running errands, biking to work or traveling the world (get goose bumps thinking about it!). 1980 wheels If you don’t have a bike so many communities now offer ride share options.  Make a date with yourself or a friend and explore your city on a bike and I’m certain you’ll experience the thrill you once had as a kid when you first learned to ride your bike!


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