Couch Potatoes

My husband, Matt, doesn’t want me to share the forthcoming information with you.  He finds it embarrassing even though he loves it at the same time.

Hello, my name is Heidi Swanson and I am a home body and couch potato after 5 p.m.

I guess it is the yin and yang of our household.  We are daily 5 a.m. risers, exercise/train daily and take a “get as much stuff done” approach to the day but then a switch flips around dinner time and the draw to the couch and vegging out kicks in.

Yin & Yang

Think they resemble a yin/yang symbol in this picture

To be clear, we don’t watch “television”.  We watch lots of content on a TV or computer monitor.  We haven’t paid for cable for at least 16 years.  We like to think about all the mola we’ve saved over the years (estimate $100/mo x 12 months x 16 years = $19,200).  However, in this beautiful age of accessibility we find our fix through Netflix and online downloads.

When we first moved to San Diego we were frequent Blockbuster patrons on the weekends, browsing through the isles and loading up with DVDs to watch over the weekend.  That phased out when we learned we could get said DVDs by mail and then that phased out with streaming at your fingertips!

There is balance to everything and we try and justify our couch time with our day light active lifestyle and productivity time.  Our cats act like a dog pack and join us whenever we are on the couch binging on our latest TV series.  We both like personal challenges so from time to time we will embark on a no couch time challenge and suspend Netflix.  My husband loves to read and listen to podcasts so we try to mix in some nights where we read or work on our computers and listen to a podcast (Rich Roll podcasts are the latest in the queue).

Here is a list (taken directly from my husband’s Evernote list…my partner in crime, can you see) of what we have watched in terms of TV series (oh man, the documentaries and movies we’ve seen in addition to the below list), what is in progress based on where the show is in its series (we are always a season behind) and what is on the docket.  Let us know what else we should consider or if you think we need an intervention!



Alias Through season 5 Done
Californication Stopped at beginning of season 3 Sucked
Freaks and Geeks Through season 1 Done
Lost Through season 6 Done
The Office Through season 9 Done
This American Life Through season 2 Done
Prison Break
Through season 2
Battlestar Galactica Through season 4 Done
In Treatment Through season 3 Done
True Blood Through season 3 Stopped
Breaking Bad Through season 5 Done
Dexter Through season 8 Done
Luther Through season 3 Done(?)

In progress

Mad Men
Through season 6
In progress
Portlandia Through season 3 In progress
The Walking Dead
Through season 5
In progress
Through season 4
In progress
House of Cards
Through season 3
In progress
The Fall Through season 1 In progress
The Bletchly Circle Through season 1
In progress
Game of Thrones
Through season 4
In progress
On the Docket
The Wire

5 thoughts on “Couch Potatoes

  1. I love everything about this post, including your spreadsheet of shows. Mark did the same for us! If it makes you feel any better, you have a “couple in crime” down the road. I justify some of our watch-fests by making them social. Also…drop everything and watch the Wire! Also, you MUST add Masters of Sex and True Detective to this list NOW. My personal faves are BB, HoC, Homeland, Mad Men, and Dexter. I also love Girls, I enjoyed the first few seasons of Weeds, and Mark liked Boardwalk Empire. Orange is the New Black is moderately entertaining too. Oh, and I loved Downton Abbey!

    • Thanks Jen and Mark! Glad no one is telling us to get help and only giving us additional recommendations! Opps we forgot OITNB on our list (Matt is updating now:)).

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