Hay is in the barn

When I googled “hay is in the barn” I am not the first athlete that has blogged about this subject.  The other saying is “made all the bank deposits”.  Today marks 13 days until I toe the line at Boise 70.3 (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike & 13.1 mile run = 70.3 miles).  What this means is I’ve made all the training deposits that will make a difference during the race and fitness gains can not be made at this point.  Now the goal is to let the body soak up the fitness, heal and recuperate so it can gobble up the hay and bank deposits I’ve made over this last training block on race day.

I’m not a slave to my Garmin and I know my data is not complete as there have been times my Garmin wasn’t charged for some training (question February for instance) or I went by feel and no watch but overall the stats show I have put in the volume and when I look further at the stats I know I have been working on the intensity and speed and hope it will show through on race day.  I don’t wear a watch swimming but feel good in that discipline and have been consistent on my weekly swims and yardage.

12 month training graph

My last volume training weekend was positive and I felt strong on both my Saturday bike and Sunday long run.  I feel like I have my nutrition dialed in and have been playing around with starting my weekend work outs later to try and see if my nutrition is enough with a late race start.

This upcoming week I’ll back down volume by 75% and race week down to 50% and focus on rest and a little more short intensity during my workouts.  I’ve found over the past year that I feel better if I move daily as my legs don’t get so heavy and lethargic.

It will be fun to go back to Boise which was my first ever 70.3 distance and see if I can make some improvements but know it is not an apples to apples race since I believe there have been some bike course changes and the start is at 10 a.m. and weather (wind and heat) is always a factor.  I’ll take race day as it comes and do my best.

Boise 70.3 finish in 2008

Boise 70.3 finish in 2008

My husband wasn’t into triathlon in 2008 so was there to cheer me on but it will be great to see him on the course during the day racing.  His parents now live in Boise so our super fans will be hosting us and there on race day to support us which we are thankful for.

No current second half of 2015 race plans on the books so looking forward to our two week road and camping trip post race to take a break from the regular swim, bike, run training schedule and just enjoy daily active activities but I know we will want to jump right back into training when we get home and get another goal on the calendar!


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