Bike Rant

I try to be an even tempered person but sometimes need to vent.  This blog post is a rant about things I’ve heard egotistical guys say to me or the female group I’m with while out for a training ride.  Or the other way to say it as my husband puts it, some guys are just dickheads (thankfully most I meet are not).

There are some cycling groups that have a reputation for their egos and not so friendly demeanor on the bike.  When I was solo riding I came up to a light with said type of rider and told him I liked his bike frame and his response was it’s not my favorite one.  Another stopped light situation was a group of said riders and I kindly said I heard you guys coming up like a swarm of bees.  His response was no we are the A group, not the B group.  Oh boy.

This weekend a friend and team mate of mine were minding our own business and riding down the Pacific Coast Highway in Carlsbad.  A group of four guys turned onto PCH and proceeded to draft off of us.  The whole while one was making snarky comments to us for about five miles.  I didn’t engage with him but my kind friend was.  He made a comment about us being “triathletes” and told her he could beat her on the run.  I was thinking to myself, hmmm we’ll didn’t think you would be in her sex or AG category.  He made a comment about our kick ass bike kits and my friend noted that it was our awesome sponsor which is laughed at with a tone of “yeah right you two are sponsored”.  Later when we dropped their asses I told my friend that if that guy was trying to flirt or pick us up he better rework his tactics as he came across as a complete ass.

MiguelI’m always surprised at the negative energy that comes from people in cars towards a solo woman (me) or a group of women on bikes.  If they can be so mean spirited in their car with a stranger, can’t image what their attitudes are towards people in general.  I was waiting on a side walk corner one morning at 7 a.m. on Mother’s Day.  A car that was taking a left hand turn passed by me and made a conscious effort to lean over into the passenger side and flick me off.  Wow was all I could think to myself.  And then sad for them that they have that much anger inside of them.

It’s unfortunate that egos have to get in the way and we can’t all embrace that we are all just grown up kids riding our bikes and having a good time.  I’ll continue to take the tactic of not engaging with said people as it is really not worth my time or energy.  I’m just out there enjoying being on two wheels and riding my road, tri or commuter bike.

Be the changeEnd rant.


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