National Running Day

Happy National Running Day!

Why do you run?

Why do you run?

I have pictures of me doing a track race in elementary school but I didn’t get into track in high school.  I wonder why I didn’t as now as an adult I wish I had tried it but I guess my friends weren’t doing track so I didn’t do track.  In college I taught aerobics at the YMCA and recall walking on the treadmills but not running.  When I started to date my boyfriend (now husband) in the late 90s I wanted to go on walks with him.  My boyfriend was a book worm and other than youth sports and golfing in high school was not into exercise.  He played it cool and came up with a brilliant idea!  He wasn’t into walking but he was willing to try jogging together.  He surprised me with matching Nike watches and we began doing jogs around the downtown Fargo area.

When we moved to Minneapolis jogging was still one of our activities along with going to Lifetime Fitness.  It wasn’t until we moved to San Diego and had access to outdoor workouts 365 days a year that we both started running more.  We were primarily cyclists but a friend of ours was getting married in NYC and he proposed we all do a 10K the day of his wedding.  I was intimidated to sign up for a 10K as I hadn’t even raced a 5K but who can pass up running with friends in Central Park?!

Since we started running and doing triathlons we have met so many great people that have the same bug as us.  I consider myself more a triathlete than a runner but I have a desire to become more of a runner.

Our dear friend, Kirsty, had her fill of Ironmans (think 13 completed) and decided to try out ultra running.  She not only tried it out but she earned her Leadman buckle for completing all the Leadville series events in one summer including a 100 MILE run!  We’ve enjoyed following her and a couple other ultra runners on their journeys and watching several ultra running documentaries so I can see us trying out a 50km one day.

As you can see from the pictures above, another great reason to run is a way to site see all the places you visit.  I was not only gifted with a precious friend that loves running but we get to see great places together when we see each other and choose to run together and catch up!  When we both lived in San Diego it was a given girls date choice but even though we are miles away we’ve been able to run together in Las Vegas, St. George and Canada!

Another reason I run is because I can.  There have been so many times during a race that I need to dig deep and thought about loved ones that didn’t have the physical health to be active.

It is taper time for me but tonight I am trying a run club!  No better time than National Running Day to try a run club!


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