Eight months ago I was not a habitual coffee drinker.  I would enjoy a decaf coffee drink once and a while.  However when I started my new job and going into an office most days I picked up drinking the daily coffee weather regular, half caf or decaf.  Also who doesn’t love a coffee date with a loved one or friends?

I didn’t start drinking coffee until college when I met my husband.  I see kids now walking around with Starbucks cups in their hands so coffee drinking must start at a younger age (man I feel old).

The reason I gave up coffee a while back was it would make me break out along my jaw line.  I’m not sure if that was more the case when I drank dairy as I don’t seem to be having the problem now either drinking my drinks straight up or adding some almond milk and lately a dollop of coconut oil for a little brain fuel and balance out the blood sugar spike I can get just from drinking coffee solo.

Home coffee cup

I am on a race taper right now and try to reduce my caffeine intake during these stretches with hopes that I will feel caffeine effects better come race day.  I love my Vega Sport pre workout energizer but have packed that away for our race trip so it is out of reach on 5 a.m. training mornings that I want to fuel my mind with it.  I’m hooked on how the product helps me focus on training efforts.

Trying to trick the brain with active tea before swim practice

Trying to trick the brain with active tea before swim practice

My husband is a wizard of finding documentaries for us to watch.  This week we learned more about fair trade coffee by watching A Film About Coffee.  The last two days when I have made a decaf espresso shot to add to my protein drink my senses were heightened thinking about the farmer’s in Rwanda and Honduras picking, washing, fermenting, stomping and drying the cherries with their hands and feet.  On my bike ride this morning when I passed a coffee cart and smelled the wonderful coffee aroma I could visualize the beautiful landscapes these farmer’s are surrounded by creating a product that is viewed as a staple in America.

It’s good to mix things up and take a break from habits from time to time but I am looking forward to having some java on our upcoming road trip where I’ll appreciate the pick up it gives me as we tackle a 14+ hour drive in one shot to Boise.  The enjoyment won’t stop after racing as prepping some french press each morning while we are camping will be something we will look forward to each morning.

Glad I learned more about fair trade and the craft and manpower that goes into growing coffee that most of us take for granted each day when we are grabbing a cup or two.


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