Who Rescued Who – Part 2

Today is Hug Your Cat Day (is there a holiday for every day of the year?) so I thought I would write about the other feline in our house.

Fifteen days ago on the start of my #500wordsaday challenge, I wrote about Rancho.  Now I’ll tell you about the queen of the household, Lux.


We rescued Lux first (Rancho joined us a month later) so she instantly took over title of being the ruler of the Swanson household.  Here’s some things we’ve learned about this tabby over the last 14 years.

  • Lux is a fan of Matt.  Even though I am the primary feeder and pooper scooper of the household, Matt is her king.
  • Aerokat should hire her as a product model.  She takes her meds like a champ (of course when held in Matt’s arms)
  • Being a cat does not make you like other cats.  She has made this very clear to Rancho every day since 2001.  We can almost hear her say “stupid baby” when she hits him daily (don’t worry, he gets his moves in on her once and a while).
  • She is not shy telling you what she wants.  Talker, talker, talker especially when the lights go out for bed time.
  • As a kitten had mad mice toy fetching skills
  • Even though she has gotten lazy with age she can catch you off guard when leaping from the top of a cat condo onto a lower surface like a flying squirrel
  • Signature move is head butting, trait she has had since we brought her home until now
  • Loves to sleep under the covers in any type of weather, always a lump on our bed
  • Not intimidated by household projects or noises, curious cat
  • Eats like a bird.  When the treats come out she could take it or leave it.
  • Sock fetish (of course Matt’s socks).  If you hear her howling (yes howling), that means she has a sock in her mouth and she’ll leave it in the middle of now where (ask our realtor, she witnessed before our open house!)
  • Silky smooth fur, pretty kitty
  • Named after Kirsten Dunst’s character in the movie Virgin Suicides

2 thoughts on “Who Rescued Who – Part 2

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