Taper ramblings

I know this isn’t the first taper blog post you are reading if you are an athlete or have friends that race.  This week was week one taper for Boise 70.3.  However, it really hasn’t felt like a taper based on trying to get everything at work organized and stuff for our house/cat sitter lined up on top of packing for a 2.5 week race and road trip.  Week one taper gave me six additional hours of non training time.  It’s not a lot of extra time but interesting activities can be packed into those six additional hours.  Here’s some things I did this week that were not the ordinary:

  • Slept in several days until I naturally woke up.  Wake up times ranged from 6:15-7ish on some days but still most days at 5:15 a.m.
  • Trained later on some days to prepare for my 10:40 a.m. swim start on race day.  This allowed me to Oil pulling while working on a blog post
  • I had work in Orange County on National Run Day and did my first run club run in Newport with the lulu team (was smart and did the short run vs long run, it is taper week!)
Newport run club

Newport run club

  • Dog walk lunch date with my friend’s pooches
  • Made a run with the hubby to Wholefoods last night after work to see if we could grab a vegan donut in honor of National Donut Day.  It wasn’t meant to be as there was not a crumb left in the pastry case (got reports this was the case all over North County)!  Not smart for me anyway to indulge in gluten one week before a race.  Thanks for having my back universe!
  • Met friends after work Friday night for dinner at the Veggie Grill.  Great to catch up with them and not cook a meal!
  • Acai bowl date at end of ride with Matt todayacai bowls
  • After scoping out the Boise seven day weather forecast (which I will stalk now until next Saturday morning went on an afternoon run for mental training with a little more heat and breeze (68 degrees and 10 mph winds compared to forecasted 89/90 degrees and 10 mph Boise forecast).  Nice try Heidi!  Mental note to sit in the YMCA sauna Monday and Wednesday next week after masters swim.
  • Shared the trail run this afternoon with a snake (didn’t see a rattle on its tail), happy to pause and let it cross before I ventured on
  • Took a bath even though I felt bad doing it based on water conservation focus in San Diego
  • Washed my make up brushes with a handy dandy silicon glove that I got for going to a women’s business networking event.  Took about five minutes!

Stay tuned (I know you can’t wait!) for week two tapering activities as next week is even less training and more time to do more things that aren’t on my normal schedule during training blocks.  What things do you find yourself doing during your taper periods?


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