Taper ramblings – part 2

Factored in a complete training day off today to cap week one taper which gave me a full day to do home and trip planning stuff.  I went the no alarm route and woke up at 7:30 a.m. and by 8 a.m. was off to tackle running errands.

I was home by 10 a.m. after going to more stores in one shot than usual.  I am not a shopper.  I didn’t get the shopping gene like my sisters so doing 2 hours of shopping is not the norm for me.  I hit Petsmart, Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, CVS and Pupologie.  The sad thing about this is I know we will hit Trader Joe’s again in Boise before leaving for the camping portion of our trip.  Eating is one of Matt’s favorite things about camping!

Once I got home and Matt helped me unload the car, I sorted the items for our trip and put away all the other shopping loot.  The rest of the morning until, 1 p.m., I was in the kitchen making stuff for our race, road, camping trip and some extras that will go to friends as gifts for helping us out while we are out of town from my good old recipe books:

  • Gluten free granola
  • Raw cacoa cherry bites
  • Raw lemon macaroons
  • Raw buckwheat crispies
  • Dried banana bites
  • Raw brownies
  • Raw energy bites

Matt took advantage of the granola yield and he helped me whip up homemade acai bowls for lunch before taking a 1.5 hour siesta!  Napping is not an unusual occurrence in our household.  Weekend long naps are a staple for us, taper or no taper!

homemade acai bowlMy first task after my nap was to wipe down the catio as it gets really dirty being outside on the patio.  Rancho spends a couple hours a day lounging outside (even caught Lux enjoying it today) so nice to clean it up for them.  Matt categorized this as a non essential task on the horizon of our trip but I disagreed.  Only took about 15 minutes!

catio loungingAfter the catio task I started a couple loads of laundry and vacuumed the apartment.  While the laundry was in process I started our dinner prep for one of our staple meals: roasted vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, shaved brussel sprouts and purple sweet potato) and curry sauce.  We watched a movie while we ate and enjoyed fresh berries with coconut cream sauce (so good and so easy)!

Next up is to start packing clothes for our trip since I’ve got my race bag pretty much ready.  The next three days will just be about short workouts with a little more effort, dialing in last minute work and trip details before hitting the road.  So far this week hasn’t felt like much of a taper but the antsiness will come on Wednesday and Thursday when we are counting down the windshield time up to Boise.

The one thing about tapering is weekends feel longer and to-do lists get shorter!


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