Bee – ware

I had lots of productivity plans tonight including my 19th consecutive blog post but a bee had other plans in mind for me.  I was minding my own business visiting with friends and their donkey (yes, seriously they have a donkey) and I felt pain on my bicep.  Darn bee got me standing still!  Usually I get stung while riding my bike but this bugger just landed and planted a stinger right on me!  The good news is I finally was told by my GP that I don’t need an Epi pen and can just use an oral steroid to avoid the large localized reactions I usually get. Beware if you click on the link as the picture is gnarly!

So the pre trip errands we had to do were delayed with a trip home to get said meds.  There are just some days that don’t go according to plan and the best thing to do when you are tired is to hang it up and start new in the morning.  Good night!


2 thoughts on “Bee – ware

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