What’s in the bag?

I was able to zip up my race bag (I don’t use a fancy tri bag, just an old camping backpack) this morning after my last bike ride in San Diego before hitting the road for Boise.  For anyone reading this blog post that is newer to triathlon I will share with you what is in my race bag.  The pictures won’t show everything but I will give you a list of what I’ll be using on race day.  This doesn’t include the extra bike gear we bring such as extra tubes, CO2 cartridges and chain lube.  I posed all my stuff on the cozy blanket my mom made me with all my race shirts.

  • Swim: Roka wetsuit, tinted & clear goggles (usually always wear tinted) and glide.  I will wear the provide swim cap I receive at athlete check in (but note to self to add regular swim cap for any practice swims)
  • Bike: Kick butt Betty Designs Nytro Groove Tri tri kit, Smith glasses and tri bike shoes.  Don’t plan on wearing cycling gloves but will pack them for other bike rides we do on our trip.
  • Run: Betty Designs trucker cap, Smith glasses & shoes with race laces (learned my lesson at Desert Tri with regular laces!
  • Back up: Biking jacket (converts to vest), arm warmers and shoe toe covers.  We have so many extra jackets from not packing appropriately when weather turns cold!  Better safe than sorry and another jacket purchase!
  • Other: chamois cream and sunscreen

Since we are road tripping we have a whole separate race tote with our food but here are some key essentials I will use during the race.  After my breakfast of coffee and a sweet potato with cashew butter here’s what I have planned for the day:

  • Bonk Breaker Espresso Chip (probably one while I am waiting in the morning and one on the bike)
  • Bonk Breaker Chews on the bike
  • Nuun – before, during and after
  • Vega Sport Energizer – before swim, close to end of bike to give me a pick up before the run
  • Endurolytes – before swim, during bike every 30-60 min and same on run.  Forecast slated to be hot and I’m a sweater so gotta keep the salt levels in check!
  • Medjool dates – during bike
  • On the run I usually go to liquids from aid stations.  I’ve done gels before but they tend to feel like they just sit in my stomach.  Since it will be hot the sound of orange slices sound like a good plan to grab from the aid stations

At this point we have decided that we have all our bases covered for what we have packed and in the end if we have to stop somewhere and buy something (hopefully not a jacket) that is okay.  So that what’s in my bag!  What other essential race items do you pack?


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