Pacific Northwest roadtrip – Mt Rainer

From Mt Hood we drove to Mt Rainer National Forest.  When we were driving we kept on taking pictures of what we thought was Mt Rainer but it was really Mt Adams!  This was also my first time in the state of Washington.  Only five more states to go to cover all 50 states: Hawaii, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire & Connecticut.

We couldn’t reserve a campsite in advance so we took the first spot we could when we got to Ohanapecosh Campground. There were a lot of nice hiking trails right in the campground and we took a dip in the cold creek in camp. Mt Rainer ended up being one of the highlights on our trip.  We did a shorter hike, Laughing Creek, from our camp site and a spectacular 6 mile hike starting at the base of Mt. Rainer.  We saw gorgeous wildflowers, deer, marmot, snow and waterfalls!  We also did a short loop through the Grove of the Patriarchs.

We were going to stop in Seattle before heading to Olympic National Park but decided to start the last morning in Mt Rainer by biking up to the base in Paradise.  We made the right decision and soaked up the 23 mile climb from 1,900 to 5,400 ft which equaled a 23 mile descent back to our camp site.

We learned you can volunteer at the parks and camp over the summer so we’ve added that to our future plans!  Mt Rainer, we’ll be back!


4 thoughts on “Pacific Northwest roadtrip – Mt Rainer

  1. gorgeous pictures. Yes when you are dirt bagging it you can be a volunteer and live at the campground! Winter too if you are in the right place:)
    Wish you guys were here with us right now exploring the mountains. Miss you and love you both.

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