Sunday Brunch Vegan Style

One thing non vegans might not know is there are not a lot of Sunday Brunch options for the vegan crowd (don’t know if you can call 1% of the population a crowd but can’t wait for that number to grow into a crowd!).

I am part of the San Diego Vegans group on Facebook and have heard a lot of people giving great reviews on a place in North Park and thanks to a generous wedding anniversary gift certificate from our friends at Ameriprise (who we have worked with for most of our 15 year marriage!) we spent our Sunday morning brunching vegan style at Moncai Vegan!

Moncai Vegan

After our morning trail runs in north county, we showered up and drove to the North Park/Normal Heights area.  I checked out Google maps the night before to entertain making a day of it and biking there and back but based on Matt’s on call work schedule that option didn’t work this go round.

We arrived right at the 9 a.m. open.  The friendly staff offered us casual inside or outside seating and we decided to sit outside. Matt ordered the brunch plate which included biscuits and gravy and a whole host of other savory options! Once our server told us about the special bourbon cherry french toast my decision was made up, french toast it is!  We split a cinnamon roll with our coffee while we waited for our entrees.  Will definitely do the cinnamon roll next time!  Yes there will be a next time!  VEGAN. CINNAMON ROLLS.  YES PLEASE!

Day to day I eat gluten free but sometimes there are times for gluten (if you aren’t celiac) and today was my day and worth it! They do note they have some gluten free substitutions on their menu.

By the time we were leaving they had stocked the pastry case with fresh donuts (gluten free options too) so we ordered some to go.  We treated some friends we were seeing later to the goods (I even delivered a donut in my bike bento box to a friend).  I received a text message later stating that it was the best cinnamon roll my friend has had in a long time!

Thanks Moncai Vegan for giving the vegan community a delicious brunch option!  We will be back!


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