Matt and I watch a lot of movies and I joke that I should have been a director or producer as I can usually pick up on foreshadowing and determine what is going to happen next.

Over the past few months we’ve had some encounters that I am starting to see as foreshadowing as to what is to come in our lives as we work through our wanderlust fever.

On our 15 year wedding anniversary we chose to bike to La Jolla to eat at Trilogy Sanctuary.  During our coast ride we met a guy bike touring.  Ironically his name was Matt and he was a vegan too!  He started in Canada and was making his way to Mexico and then Florida.  We enjoyed reading his blog along his journey and can’t wait to see what adventure he’ll take on next!

2015-09-23 10.47.57

A couple weeks ago I was on a Groove Tri team ride and we meet up with Linda who is exploring the US for 3 months with her boyfriend, both from Sweden.  I’ve had the pleasure to ride with her again and love hearing about her rich travel experience mostly by bike in Southern California and plans to move to Belgium and get immersed into road racing.  Her carefree and adventurous spirit is such a great reminder to not be so cautious and tied to a plan as what she is experiencing is priceless and an education she can’t get at university!

2015-12-02 10.08.37


We have a 2020 vision which includes biking across the US, RVing around the US and maybe even hiking the PCT trail.  I even had a RV purchase written in my igolu booklet for 2020.  Time had different plans for us as we ended up buying one over Thanksgiving week!



2015-11-26 17.14.09


I’m thankful for meeting these adventurous souls and continuing to plant the seeds in us to explore now so we’ll continue to sprinkle in adventures along the way and mend our wanderlust fever!

I like the foreshadowing I am envisioning for our life!


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