Tiny but not Tidy

I’m going to be bold and call bullsh*t on all the perfectly organized Tiny Home pictures that are all over the Internet.  Obviously no one is actually living in those abodes with not-a-thing-out-of-place!  I’m wondering if anyone that owns those Tiny Houses are athletes, where do you put two endurance athletes biking and running shoes and gear?!

I’m willing to open the kimono and show you what a smaller living space actually looks like when you are trying to put the puzzle together on where everything should go and what to get rid of.

We are in phase 2 of our downsize and goal of minimal living.  In June 2014 we sold our 2,500 sq ft house w/2 car garage and moved into a 900 sq ft 2 bed/2bath apartment with 1 car garage.  When our generous friends invited us to continue our downsize plans and move into their studio sized guest house (about the size of our former 2 car garage plus a shed for storage) on their beautiful property we knew it was the right path to get us closer to owning less and readying to hit the road by bike or RV.

I won’t sugar coat things and say downsizing and reducing is easy.  The last few weeks I have had such decision paralysis, it’s exhausting, but as I sit here (seems like the first time in weeks) on our fourth night in our new place I know it was all worth it.  It feels right to us to own less which equals less responsibility and more time to be outside exploring.

More to come on our “less is more” adventure but in the meantime here’s a glance at life in about 500 sq ft with 2 people and a cat.  There will be many more donation trips as we dial in what we really need and organization is forthcoming with a delivery of a loft bed next week so we can maximize floor space and set up an office and lounging area.



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