Tiny and Tidier

It’s been three weeks since we moved in our smaller living space and I am happy to say things are getting tidier!  We received our loft and bookcase stairs kit last week which has made a huge difference in getting everything else put away.  Key to small living is each item needs a home and be put back in its spot when not using it.  It is far from perfect and won’t win any tiny house decor articles but it is comfortable and functional!

We’ve been having fun putting this puzzle together and finding creative ways to store things.  Still almost every other day trips to drop off donations.  Plus we’ve broke two pieces of glassware on the tile floor so making progress on less dishes!

We love the quiet property and hearing our resident donkey, Miguel, bray and the neighbor chickens talk it up.  The street we live on is an active dog walking street which is right up my alley seeing all the dogs and their humans on their daily walks.  Now that we are more settled in I need to find time to relax by the serene pool right next to our abode.

This journey has been well worth it as we feel at home in our new place!


2 thoughts on “Tiny and Tidier

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