We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Julian, CA about 14.5 years ago by staying at a bed and breakfast (sadly burned down years later in a wildfire), eating at restaurants in town and going to a winery.

In the years to come Julian became a different refuge for us as we discovered camping, running on the Pacific Crest Trail and amazing bike routes in the Julian, Cuyamaca and Mount Laguna area.  Now we just pass through the cute mountain town on our way to camp!

This was another one of those weekends, but first time in our RV, staying at one of our favorite spots and getting in two solid days of bike riding to cap off our Oceanside 70.3 race training.  We were treated with beautiful weather and quiet time at the camp since the camping season hasn’t officially started.

Great area to visit whether you are in the mood for soaking up a mountain town, splurging on pie or hard cider or camping, hiking and biking!

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