Things I know to be true

I now understand more what Hippie Triathlete wrote about a couple years ago.  I started doing tris in 2007 to try something new and challenge myself.  And up until recently I was just happy finishing and doing my best for the day.  Last year I improved my Ironman Oceanside 70.3 time so based on the results of my training I expected the same out of myself today but it just wasn’t my day (no excuses, just didn’t have what it took to dig deep on the run).  I let time marks from last year mess with my head and allowed a big mental bully to tag along for the 13.1 mile jog.  Once I allowed myself to have a little pity party post race (rare for me, not into the victim or poor me role) I am thankful for all the things that did go right today.

  • Being healthy and able to toe the line for a half ironman with my healthy and supportive husband and finish
  • Be surrounded by team mates and friends on the course that checked in on me on the run to make sure I was okay
  • Husband, Groove tri team mates and friends that offered a hug, understanding and perspective post race for me being disappointed in myself
  • Congrats texts from friends and family waiting for me on my phone when I got back to the car post race
  • Dear friend that had cold adult beverages and a healthful salad waiting for us in our fridge when we got home and even offered to rinse out our wet suits after we enjoyed a peaceful post race ice bath at their beautiful home that they’ve opened up to us


Big lesson learned today is don’t go into a race with expecting to match the year’s prior results as every race is different.  Weather, course and transition layout and water conditions are never going to be 100% in line with the previous year.  Why I let my mental bully tag along with me for only 1 min. longer swim time and 4 min. longer bike time is crazy to me now but wasn’t thinking clear in the race.  Key to take each section of the race as it comes and don’t sabotage in the end when who knows if I would have kept my head on I could have improved my run.

Congrats to my team mates that earned the podium today and didn’t let sickness and new college courses get in their way!

Thankful for a post race clear head and seeing how clearly things I know to be true!  Life is good.

Results (48th AG out of 127 that finished)

Swim 0:37:48

T1 0:05:11

Bike 3:01:42

T2 0:04:20

Run 2:26:04

Total time: 6:15:05

4 thoughts on “Things I know to be true

  1. 3h01 for 56 miles does not seem too shabby to me, that’s fast! 🙂 I thought about you guys on Saturday morning while I was riding the 1 in Malibu… at a slower pace

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