Sweating & Eating My Way Through Austin

I was able to join Matt for his work conference trip to Austin.  It was the first time in Austin for both of us.  From what I can tell a highlight of the city is countless bars and live music.  Since we are more morning peeps I took a different tourist approach to Austin and spent my days sweating (talk about humidity) and eating my way around the downtown and east Austin areas!

I was so impressed by the Ann & Roy Butler Hike Bike trail that runs along both sides of the Colorado River or what locals call Lady Bird Lake.  I ran the trail all but one of the days when I was there in which I rented a bike so I could check out the whole trail which is a 10 mile loop.  One morning before the conference started Matt joined me on a 2.5 mile run to Barton Springs Pool where we took a cool dip before heading back to the hotel.  Wish we had a non salt water natural body of water for open water swim option like this in San Diego!

Happycow.net kept me busy checking out all the delicious vegan and veg friendly restaurants.

Pictures from our trip are proof of my daily sweat and eating fest through Austin, TX!


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