Shedding Weight

Over the last three years Matt and I have been working on shedding weight.  Not physical body weight (however each year we weigh less so maybe we are onto something!) but the weight of possessions to give us more flexibility and freedom in life.


I became a pro at finding new homes for perfectly good items through Craigslist and constant trips to Rancho Coastal Thrift to donate items.  Last night we were recounting all the people we met through Craigslist and some funny stories when we met them to pick up the items.  That could be a blog post in and of itself (all the people were cool but there were some funny moments along the way…old Bronco ceiling being ripped by the armoire to name one!)

Through our path to minimalism we have found more time, flexibility and less stress in our life.  Not much to stress about when all your daily possessions fit in 400 sq ft casita plus half a shed, small motorhome and one car (oh and six bikes and we use all of them!). Our rule of thumb is if something new that we find value in comes in something old goes out.

Here’s a glimpse of the weight we’ve shed together as a family.  These are most items we sold but doesn’t include the countless items we donated.


We love our new lifestyle diet plan and continue to shed the weight of possessions that allow us to soak up extra time in life to collect moments and memories!


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