2016 Swanson Adventure Recap

On the eve of a new year I’m happy to take a mental time machine trip through our adventures of 2016, which included 27 nights out in our RV, some plane rides and look forward to what 2017 has in store!  Click on the links below for more details and pictures!  Happy new year!


Continued our downsize/”less is more” journey and moved out of a 900 sq ft apartment with 1 car garage into a 400 sq ft casita with shed for storage.  We love the simple life and spending more time outdoors doing things we love with people we love.


First triathlon of the season at La Quinta with our parents cheering us on!  We capped off the month with a short weekend in Julian before .


Kicked off the month with a half ironman, Oceanside 70.3.  Joined Matt for a work conference trip to Austin.  Had a great time exploring the area while he was working!


Spur of the moment trip to Boise for a mini Swanson family reunion with Matt’s family!


Road trip to Colorado to see friends and family!  Highlight of the year!


Camping, running, biking trip to Joshua Tree National Park


Capped off year and first RV Christmas exploring Tucson


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