Wrapping up 2016 Tucson style

Last year we spent the end of the year in Phoenix at McDowell Mountain Park with our good friends.  This year we decided to explore Tucson as have had several friends talk it up. We’ve had two RV Thanksgiving outings but this was the first year we celebrated Christmas in the RV.

Ironically we stayed at Gilbert Ray Campground which was a quick stop over in November 2015 when we were driving our new RV home from picking it up in Albuquerque, NM.

We stumbled upon a trail map sign in the campground which showed endless trails around the campground and even more trails in the adjoining Saguaro National Park.  We explore Brown Mountain and Cougar trails and on our last day took the King Canyon Trail up to Wasson Peak at 4,687 feet.  It was a very rocky technical trail but that didn’t stop all the people that were making the ascent that day.

Several friends gave us bike route recommendations.  McCain Loop and Gates Pass are a nice short ride but we got our socks rocked doing the Mount Lemmon climb.  We drove to a park outside of Mount Lemmon and biked 5 miles to the base before the slow but beautiful 25 mile ride up to Summerhaven at 8,200 feet.  The rock formations, views and snow kept our mind off the steady climb for over 3 hours.  After a quick coffee warm up at the general store and putting our vests on we descended with caution over the next hour.  We can’t wait to do it again and might try a different season such as the fall or spring.

Great five days exploring the hills and trails of Tucson and look forward to going back and discovering more!

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