Encinitas Must Dos Before Summer Trip

We’ve been eagerly anticipating a big summer RV trip this whole year and can’t believe we launch tomorrow!

There are lots of household and life logistics that we ticked off before getting ready to head out but most important was to see and do things we love in our town of Encinitas, CA before being away for the summer.  We will miss our friends and routines but know we will pick off where we left off when we return in the fall!

  • Multiple get together with friends sharing nummy vegan eats
  • Spin bike rides on the coast and dog walks with friends catching up on life
  • Mountain bike ride in the middle of the workday with my hubby kicking off his last day of work
  • Happy hour with dear friends toasting to our new chapter in life
  • Volunteering a couple last times (for now) at my happy place, Rancho Coastal Humane Society
  • Loving up on my dog clients one last time (yes I cried saying goodbye to my other fur babies)
  • Sharing carrots & apples with my favorite donkey, Miguel
  • Soaking up master swims at the Encinitas YMCA with the best coaching team


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