Travel Meal Prep: RV Style

My husband and I are typically pretty clean eaters (fruit, veggies, beans, water) but for the past 6 weeks we have been partaking in some emotional eating (big life changes) that is not our norm (sugar, alcohol).  We both like eating clean and how it makes us feel so we are looking forward to recalibrate and dive back into our typical eating starting this week!  It also coincides with us launching into a 3 month RV road trip so a great way to kick off healthy eating habits at the start of our adventure!

Prepping rig

While my husband, Matt, was busy prepping the four bikes and gear we are taking; I headed to the grocery store and spent the day doing food prep.  Lots of benefits for taking the time today to do this so we can grab healthy meals and snacks while traveling, less cooking when we get to our campsites and looking for grocery stores!

Food prep is also beneficial for those not traveling and working to choose healthy nutritious options during the week.  Several of my friends have made this a habit to benefit their health and improve time management.  It can also benefit your budget too if you have a weekly plan.

Here’s a partial list and visual of what we will be eating the first 1-2 weeks of our road trip.

  • Various veg proteins (beyond meat, beans, veg patties), vegetables, rice bowl combinations
  • Vegan enchiladas
  • Tofu scrambler w/avocado & red potatoes
  • Tex mex bowls made w/Beyond meat, veggies, beans, rice & corn chips
  • Tempeh wraps
  • Soup & chili
  • Salads w/homemade cashew sun dried tomato dip/dressing
  • Pasta
  • Nut butter & jam corn torilla wraps
  • Oatmeal w/fruit & protein powder
  • Fruit smoothies w/greens and protein powder (bringing Vitamix to use when we have hookups)
  • Fresh veggies & fruit
  • Green juice
  • Banana oat bars

While we are on our trip I know my husband wants to try out all the creative Fresh Off the Grid vegan recipes too!

If you have any quick nutritious plant based meal/snack ideas I’d love to hear about them!

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