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Encinitas Must Dos Before Summer Trip

We’ve been eagerly anticipating a big summer RV trip this whole year and can’t believe we launch tomorrow! There are lots of household and life logistics that we ticked off before getting ready to head out but most important was to see and do things we love in our town of Encinitas, CA before being … Continue reading

Tiny and Tidier

It’s been three weeks since we moved in our smaller living space and I am happy to say things are getting tidier!  We received our loft and bookcase stairs kit last week which has made a huge difference in getting everything else put away.  Key to small living is each item needs a home and … Continue reading

Who Rescued Who – Part 2

Today is Hug Your Cat Day (is there a holiday for every day of the year?) so I thought I would write about the other feline in our house. Fifteen days ago on the start of my #500wordsaday challenge, I wrote about Rancho.  Now I’ll tell you about the queen of the household, Lux. We … Continue reading

My Happy Place

A recent blog post of mine mentioned that we adopted our cats from Rancho Coastal Humane Society in 2001.  Eleven years later I found myself with time to dedicate to volunteering.  I love animals so much and due to my husband’s allergies we are not able to have a dog companion so I found a … Continue reading

The Gentle Barn

Today was like a perfect vegan Christmas present!  We started out my husband’s birthday get-away by going to the The Gentle Barn on our way to Santa Barbara. Great vibe right when you arrive and are greeted by volunteers and begin your tour with a brief chat with co-founder Jay.  Not only do they rescue … Continue reading

Power of Social Media

There are times when I know the amount of time I spend on social media can be excessive (my husband will agree) but then there are moments like yesterday where you can see the power of social media and how it can positively affect something like a natural disaster. San Diego is always in a … Continue reading

Taper Time

I’m in the thick of taper time in preparation for St. George 70.3 a week from today.  As a matter-of-fact, at this time next week, I will be done with the race and back at our campsite working on race recovery! The mind can get the best of you during this time period of reduced … Continue reading

2013 Recap

I feel like it was yesterday I was blogging about my 2012 recap! 2013 proved to be a great year!  Here’s a look back at the experiences and memories gained in 2013.  Looking forward to see what 2014 brings my way! Training Swim: approx. 366,965 yards (208 miles) Bike: approx. 4,261 miles Run: approx. 802 … Continue reading

Memory Tree

My husband assembled our fake Charlie Brown tree earlier in the week.  While he was bike commuting home tonight I started to decorate it. I’m not a big Christmas fan.  My husband calls me a bah humbug but he knows I like the spirit of Christmas, just not the Christmas consumerism. When it comes to … Continue reading


I get asked from time to time how I came to be a vegan endurance athlete and reflected on this subject during my run this morning  so I thought I would share my journey with you. I know other triathletes that grew up swimming and running so it was a natural path for them to … Continue reading