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Encinitas Must Dos Before Summer Trip

We’ve been eagerly anticipating a big summer RV trip this whole year and can’t believe we launch tomorrow! There are lots of household and life logistics that we ticked off before getting ready to head out but most important was to see and do things we love in our town of Encinitas, CA before being … Continue reading

2016 Swanson Adventure Recap

On the eve of a new year I’m happy to take a mental time machine trip through our adventures of 2016, which included 27 nights out in our RV, some plane rides and look forward to what 2017 has in store!  Click on the links below for more details and pictures!  Happy new year! January … Continue reading

Things I know to be true

I now understand more what Hippie Triathlete wrote about a couple years ago.  I started doing tris in 2007 to try something new and challenge myself.  And up until recently I was just happy finishing and doing my best for the day.  Last year I improved my Ironman Oceanside 70.3 time so based on the … Continue reading

Sunday Brunch Vegan Style

One thing non vegans might not know is there are not a lot of Sunday Brunch options for the vegan crowd (don’t know if you can call 1% of the population a crowd but can’t wait for that number to grow into a crowd!). I am part of the San Diego Vegans group on Facebook … Continue reading


Memorial weekend and barbeque get-togethers come hand in hand so we were excited to spend our Saturday night at a friends house for a BBQ.  Usually when we go to a friend’s house to eat we bring stuff we can eat since we are high maintenance gluten free vegans, however, not at this BBQ!  This … Continue reading

Below the line

In general I am an even keeled kind of gal and generally content and happy.  However this week I feel just crabby and on edge and no, I’m not PMSing (can you tell I’m on edge:))!  I had four hours on the bike today to think about how I am feeling.  My head was not … Continue reading


8 minutes faster from 2010 Ironman Oceanside 70.3 hurts. I had a goal to go sub 6 hours for this race.  Ironically my first 70.3 in Boise in 2008 was my best 70.3 to date 5:52.45.  I know you can’t really compare races but know for other 70.3s I give in to walking too much.  … Continue reading

New Decade – 40

There is a lot of hype when one reaches the 40th birthday milestone and here I am today soaking it up and embracing each moment entering into a new decade of life and couldn’t be happier!  I was asked if I could beat my 20 and 30 year old selves in a race and it … Continue reading


Our friend since college is stationed in Portland while his ship gets repaired.  He reached out at the end of November to see if we wanted to come and spend New Years with him, his wife and baby boy.  We haven’t brought in the new year since 2001 (sans Kristen and Andrew). Since I just … Continue reading


Wow it has been two months since I have put my thoughts down! I received this beautiful card and sentiment from a dear friend today which motivated me to write! Two months ago, I was enjoying 8 months of “fun employment” and focused on studying for a group fitness certification as a path to get … Continue reading