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Below the line

In general I am an even keeled kind of gal and generally content and happy.  However this week I feel just crabby and on edge and no, I’m not PMSing (can you tell I’m on edge:))!  I had four hours on the bike today to think about how I am feeling.  My head was not … Continue reading


Wow it has been two months since I have put my thoughts down! I received this beautiful card and sentiment from a dear friend today which motivated me to write! Two months ago, I was enjoying 8 months of “fun employment” and focused on studying for a group fitness certification as a path to get … Continue reading

Brain Workout

I enjoyed my college experience 17 years ago (yikes!) but wasn’t into academia but did the work to get through the classes and earn my communications degree in 4.5 years.  Over the past couple years I’ve toyed around with the idea to get a health coach certification as I love mentoring others on their health … Continue reading

Add in the positive, crowd out the negative!

I inquired with my Facebook and blog readers on any topics they are interested in for the new year.  One of my readers (thanks, mom!) requested the following: To help regular people with bad food choices gradually move to healthier eating. I do consider myself a regular person (others may disagree) but I think what … Continue reading

Who Am I?

I started practicing meditation last year and was intrigued when I learned some soul questions: Who am I? What do I want? How can I help?  How can I serve?  What is my dharma? The soul question that got me thinking was “Who am I”?  It resonated with me thinking back to when my dad … Continue reading


We’ve all heard the adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover”.  That is resonating with me more and more in life. We are all beings of matter on this planet with many different covers.  By just glancing at each person you don’t know what makes up that person unless you intimately know them.  … Continue reading


Part of my role as crew chief for my husband’s 2 day bike race was to help him with his recovery between each stage day. We felt it was really important to put the time into recovery in order to be able to perform back to back days. The good news is Matt felt better … Continue reading

Health Coach

For those of you that know me, you know I love talking fitness and nutrition.  I have been honored by friends and colleagues reaching out to me for health guidance.  This has led me to research if I should get a Health Coach certificate.  I attended a webinar for an online certification program with Integrative … Continue reading