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Code Blue: Grand Canyon

We caught the Grand Canyon bug this summer on our way to Colorado and vowed to go back.  Coincidentally, after we returned from our vacation, our friend reached out to see if we wanted to join a group to do a rim to rim to rim crossing to celebrate her milestone birthday.  After learning more … Continue reading

Below the line

In general I am an even keeled kind of gal and generally content and happy.  However this week I feel just crabby and on edge and no, I’m not PMSing (can you tell I’m on edge:))!  I had four hours on the bike today to think about how I am feeling.  My head was not … Continue reading

Earth Day 2014

Happy Earth Day! It’s been 5.5 years since we decided to be a single car family and it is amazing how normal it feels only having one car.  My husband has also been diligent about bike commuting at least twice a week and Earth Day fell on his bike commuting day so he started the … Continue reading

Who Am I?

I started practicing meditation last year and was intrigued when I learned some soul questions: Who am I? What do I want? How can I help?  How can I serve?  What is my dharma? The soul question that got me thinking was “Who am I”?  It resonated with me thinking back to when my dad … Continue reading

Turn your impossible to possible!

Do you ever have ideas that you feel are impossible to achieve?  I am continually inspired by so many people that pursue their dreams and make them come true, turning what they may feel impossible to possible! Like Julie Weiss that decided to honor her dad by crafting a huge goal of running 52 marathons … Continue reading


Over the past week I have been looking through my 2012 Facebook timeline.  I used to scrapbook and love looking back at memories so am thankful for the online social media outlets that help me recollect what has happened over the past year.  My husband and I had a goal this year to try and … Continue reading


I am currently doing the 21-day Chopra Center Meditation Challenge and the theme is Creating Abundance. The word “abundance” can mean different things to different people. For instance, one person may consider amassing great wealth as living an abundant life. Another may define abundance in spiritual terms—to be, do, and have a life filled with … Continue reading


Happy Halloween! I normally don’t dress up for Halloween but today I dressed up as a cyclist and during my coastal ride came upon these beautiful carved pumpkins that were placed outside the Self-Realization Fellowship bookstore in downtown Encinitas.  Ironically a friend mentioned these to me last night and said the monks carve pumpkins each … Continue reading


Yoga is the union of body, mind and spirit. ~ The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Book Last night I completed my 31st class of the 30 day yoga challenge I was doing.  I really enjoyed practicing yoga almost every day (there were 3 days I was on travel and one day I planned not … Continue reading


After a stressful and sad Friday morning I was so thankful for friends and weekend activities to fill me up with joy to heal the sadness I felt after finding Brody.  I hope all of you were able to recharge and fill yourself with joy over the weekend! Calls, texts and emails from friends and … Continue reading