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Lucky 7

Where do I begin?! A Facebook memory popped up today of my husband and mine first self supported bike tour trip seven years ago this May in Utah.  What promoted a first ever bike tour trip?  After the company I was working for restructured their field sales, it was time to hang my hat up … Continue reading

2016 Swanson Adventure Recap

On the eve of a new year I’m happy to take a mental time machine trip through our adventures of 2016, which included 27 nights out in our RV, some plane rides and look forward to what 2017 has in store!  Click on the links below for more details and pictures!  Happy new year! January … Continue reading

Shedding Weight

Shedding Weight

Over the last three years Matt and I have been working on shedding weight.  Not physical body weight (however each year we weigh less so maybe we are onto something!) but the weight of possessions to give us more flexibility and freedom in life. \ I became a pro at finding new homes for perfectly … Continue reading

Tiny and Tidier

It’s been three weeks since we moved in our smaller living space and I am happy to say things are getting tidier!  We received our loft and bookcase stairs kit last week which has made a huge difference in getting everything else put away.  Key to small living is each item needs a home and … Continue reading

Tiny but not Tidy

I’m going to be bold and call bullsh*t on all the perfectly organized Tiny Home pictures that are all over the Internet.  Obviously no one is actually living in those abodes with not-a-thing-out-of-place!  I’m wondering if anyone that owns those Tiny Houses are athletes, where do you put two endurance athletes biking and running shoes … Continue reading

Against the Grain

I thought my husband and I were so predictable to our friends and family.  I was surprised to hear that we have some people puzzled as to our recent life simplifying project.  It made me smile to hear a family member tell me other family members were asking what was going on with us. I … Continue reading

Simplifying – Week 1

I’ve been even more delinquent on blogging as we were in the process of selling our house, selling a lot of our possessions, packing and moving to a rental. We’ve been entertaining the idea of downsizing and moving more central to where we spend most of our time.  Earlier this year, with the San Diego … Continue reading