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Travel Meal Prep: RV Style

My husband and I are typically pretty clean eaters (fruit, veggies, beans, water) but for the past 6 weeks we have been partaking in some emotional eating (big life changes) that is not our norm (sugar, alcohol).  We both like eating clean and how it makes us feel so we are looking forward to recalibrate … Continue reading

Sunday Brunch Vegan Style

One thing non vegans might not know is there are not a lot of Sunday Brunch options for the vegan crowd (don’t know if you can call 1% of the population a crowd but can’t wait for that number to grow into a crowd!). I am part of the San Diego Vegans group on Facebook … Continue reading

What’s in the bag?

I was able to zip up my race bag (I don’t use a fancy tri bag, just an old camping backpack) this morning after my last bike ride in San Diego before hitting the road for Boise.  For anyone reading this blog post that is newer to triathlon I will share with you what is … Continue reading


Eight months ago I was not a habitual coffee drinker.  I would enjoy a decaf coffee drink once and a while.  However when I started my new job and going into an office most days I picked up drinking the daily coffee weather regular, half caf or decaf.  Also who doesn’t love a coffee date … Continue reading

Meal Rotation

Does anyone else get in a cycle where they are making the same meals every week?  When you like the food it is not an issue and makes weekly grocery shopping easy as you always buy the same staple ingredients and takes the guessing out of what you are going to make on any given … Continue reading

Taste of North Dakota

If I recall the only type of spices we had in our North Dakota family kitchen cupboards growing up was cinnamon, table salt, pepper and beef bullion (if that is considered a spice??).  Cinnamon of course was used for the frequent cinnamon and sugar toast (from Wonder white bread) for breakfast that was slathered in … Continue reading


Memorial weekend and barbeque get-togethers come hand in hand so we were excited to spend our Saturday night at a friends house for a BBQ.  Usually when we go to a friend’s house to eat we bring stuff we can eat since we are high maintenance gluten free vegans, however, not at this BBQ!  This … Continue reading

Below the line

In general I am an even keeled kind of gal and generally content and happy.  However this week I feel just crabby and on edge and no, I’m not PMSing (can you tell I’m on edge:))!  I had four hours on the bike today to think about how I am feeling.  My head was not … Continue reading


Our friend since college is stationed in Portland while his ship gets repaired.  He reached out at the end of November to see if we wanted to come and spend New Years with him, his wife and baby boy.  We haven’t brought in the new year since 2001 (sans Kristen and Andrew). Since I just … Continue reading

Gluten Hangover

You know the saying, “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”?  Well that is how I feel today.  It is not because I am crabby, it’s because I consumed gluten yesterday. After I started eating a vegan diet due to lactose intolerance I still noticed I didn’t feel great all the time so … Continue reading