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Dear Marathon Goddess

Dear Marathon Goddess: I wish we would have met under different circumstances.  Maybe just connected through social media since we are both plant based athletes but unfortunately our lives came together for our passion to kick pancreatic cancer’s butt for taking both our father’s lives. I am thankful for all you do to raise awareness … Continue reading

I am a…

I’ve blogged before about how I identify myself so I found a recent NPR story very interesting in how if you ask someone to help (verb) they are less likely to engage but more likely to engage  if you ask them to be a helper (noun).  I played this strategy on myself on Saturday during … Continue reading

Who Am I?

I started practicing meditation last year and was intrigued when I learned some soul questions: Who am I? What do I want? How can I help?  How can I serve?  What is my dharma? The soul question that got me thinking was “Who am I”?  It resonated with me thinking back to when my dad … Continue reading

Tahoe in Pictures

Here is a visual tour of our Lake Tahoe Ironman experience!  You can also read about my husband’s journey! Road Trip from San Diego to North Lake Tahoe Granite Flat Camping Pre Race Activities Family! Lake Tahoe Ironman Food (of course gotta document vegan food finds:)

Ironman Lake Tahoe

As my husband, Matt, said, “it is not plastic man, it’s Ironman!” as we were talking about the weather conditions in Tahoe last week.  We got to North Lake Tahoe nine days before the race to try to acclimatize to the altitude but unbeknownst to me I was acclimatizing to the cold weather while we … Continue reading

Break the cycle

Over the years people have asked me why I like endurance activities and how I can be a vegan.  It is easy for me to answer those questions but likely hard for people to understand.  However during my recent 20+ mile run I got to thinking that it is a no-brainer that I put so … Continue reading

“He’d be proud of you”

Last year in honor of my dad’s 60th birthday, I ran the AFC half marathon that benefits Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  I wore my  personalized tank that has my dad’s picture on it with the words, “Each Stride in Your Memory Dad”.  A fellow runner was passing me and said “he’d be proud of you.” Nothing like … Continue reading


November is pancreatic cancer awareness month and you can help spread awareness!  Unfortunately this deadly cancer has affected my family twice and families and friends of others I know.  Most of us didn’t know about pancreatic cancer until our loved one was diagnosed with limited amount of time. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most … Continue reading

Know It, Fight It, End It

I didn’t know about pancreatic cancer six and a half years ago until my dad was diagnosed at the age of 53.  The outlook from the doctor was grim as well as what I learned on the Internet and from people that knew about the deadly disease.  The stats held true and took my dad’s … Continue reading