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2016 Swanson Adventure Recap

On the eve of a new year I’m happy to take a mental time machine trip through our adventures of 2016, which included 27 nights out in our RV, some plane rides and look forward to what 2017 has in store!  Click on the links below for more details and pictures!  Happy new year! January … Continue reading

Colorado flashback

Before I recap 2016 adventures I need to take a mental time machine back to our Colorado trip in July.  It was one of our highlights of the year because we got to play in the mountains with our friends, try new things like summiting our first 14er and doing white water rafting and having … Continue reading

Wrapping up 2016 Tucson style

Last year we spent the end of the year in Phoenix at McDowell Mountain Park with our good friends.  This year we decided to explore Tucson as have had several friends talk it up. We’ve had two RV Thanksgiving outings but this was the first year we celebrated Christmas in the RV. Ironically we stayed … Continue reading

Sweating & Eating My Way Through Austin

I was able to join Matt for his work conference trip to Austin.  It was the first time in Austin for both of us.  From what I can tell a highlight of the city is countless bars and live music.  Since we are more morning peeps I took a different tourist approach to Austin and … Continue reading

Sunday Brunch Vegan Style

One thing non vegans might not know is there are not a lot of Sunday Brunch options for the vegan crowd (don’t know if you can call 1% of the population a crowd but can’t wait for that number to grow into a crowd!). I am part of the San Diego Vegans group on Facebook … Continue reading

What’s in the bag?

I was able to zip up my race bag (I don’t use a fancy tri bag, just an old camping backpack) this morning after my last bike ride in San Diego before hitting the road for Boise.  For anyone reading this blog post that is newer to triathlon I will share with you what is … Continue reading

Taper ramblings

I know this isn’t the first taper blog post you are reading if you are an athlete or have friends that race.  This week was week one taper for Boise 70.3.  However, it really hasn’t felt like a taper based on trying to get everything at work organized and stuff for our house/cat sitter lined … Continue reading

National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! I have pictures of me doing a track race in elementary school but I didn’t get into track in high school.  I wonder why I didn’t as now as an adult I wish I had tried it but I guess my friends weren’t doing track so I didn’t do track.  In … Continue reading


I’ve been cycling and doing organized cycling rides since 2003 but I didn’t get into running and triathlon until 2007 as I wanted a new physical challenge.  It’s been eight years since I signed up for and did my first ever running race (on the morning of our friend’s wedding in Central Park!) and completed … Continue reading


8 minutes faster from 2010 Ironman Oceanside 70.3 hurts. I had a goal to go sub 6 hours for this race.  Ironically my first 70.3 in Boise in 2008 was my best 70.3 to date 5:52.45.  I know you can’t really compare races but know for other 70.3s I give in to walking too much.  … Continue reading