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Glacier On My Mind

Glacier On My Mind

Glacier National Park was on our agenda on our travel itinerary but we thought it would just be a two day stop over before meeting Matt’s parents in Montana.  Little did we know that Glacier would wrap its charm around our hearts and we would extend our stay for a total of 7 days before … Continue reading

Sweating & Eating My Way Through Austin

I was able to join Matt for his work conference trip to Austin.  It was the first time in Austin for both of us.  From what I can tell a highlight of the city is countless bars and live music.  Since we are more morning peeps I took a different tourist approach to Austin and … Continue reading

Pacific Northwest Trip – Bend, OR

We rolled out of Boise early on a Tuesday morning with our next stop being Bend, Oregon for two days.  We’ve heard so many great things about Bend so were excited to explore the city and cycle around the area. When we first arrived we scouted out the Juniper Swim and Fitness Center to get … Continue reading

What’s in the bag?

I was able to zip up my race bag (I don’t use a fancy tri bag, just an old camping backpack) this morning after my last bike ride in San Diego before hitting the road for Boise.  For anyone reading this blog post that is newer to triathlon I will share with you what is … Continue reading

Taper ramblings

I know this isn’t the first taper blog post you are reading if you are an athlete or have friends that race.  This week was week one taper for Boise 70.3.  However, it really hasn’t felt like a taper based on trying to get everything at work organized and stuff for our house/cat sitter lined … Continue reading

Bike to Work Day

Due to rain, San Diego rescheduled their national bike to work day, from May 15 to today, May 29. My husband bike commutes regularly and I try to bike to work a couple days a week.  I should do it every day as it is only a 12 minute, 2.7 mile down hill ride into … Continue reading


8 minutes faster from 2010 Ironman Oceanside 70.3 hurts. I had a goal to go sub 6 hours for this race.  Ironically my first 70.3 in Boise in 2008 was my best 70.3 to date 5:52.45.  I know you can’t really compare races but know for other 70.3s I give in to walking too much.  … Continue reading

New Decade – 40

There is a lot of hype when one reaches the 40th birthday milestone and here I am today soaking it up and embracing each moment entering into a new decade of life and couldn’t be happier!  I was asked if I could beat my 20 and 30 year old selves in a race and it … Continue reading


Conversation my sister overheard her 8 year-old son tell his friend during a car ride to the local sports center to participate in a kid’s run: Nephew’s Friend: “I think I am only going to run the half mile” Nephew: “You can do the 1 mile.  My aunt she is a Superwoman and she does … Continue reading

Going Home

I just returned from a week in North Dakota and Minnesota where I spent time with family celebrating the life of our maternal grandfather, Howie. Funerals are a sad time but they also provide a time for families to get together and share memories and draw comfort from one another.  I was fortunate to see … Continue reading