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Yearly Bee Sting

Seriously!  I am on a bee sting cycle!  A year ago this week I was stung before heading to race Boise 70.3. This week when I was recovering from food poisoning or the flu I was working in the garden and a sneaky bee got me when I was pulling up a bitter cucumber plant! … Continue reading

Tiny but not Tidy

I’m going to be bold and call bullsh*t on all the perfectly organized Tiny Home pictures that are all over the Internet.  Obviously no one is actually living in those abodes with not-a-thing-out-of-place!  I’m wondering if anyone that owns those Tiny Houses are athletes, where do you put two endurance athletes biking and running shoes … Continue reading


Matt and I watch a lot of movies and I joke that I should have been a director or producer as I can usually pick up on foreshadowing and determine what is going to happen next. Over the past few months we’ve had some encounters that I am starting to see as foreshadowing as to … Continue reading

Bee – ware

I had lots of productivity plans tonight including my 19th consecutive blog post but a bee had other plans in mind for me.  I was minding my own business visiting with friends and their donkey (yes, seriously they have a donkey) and I felt pain on my bicep.  Darn bee got me standing still!  Usually … Continue reading

California Drought

If you haven’t heard California is in a severe drought and was declared a state of emergency in January.  June 1 marked the official water restrictions in San Diego with the theme Waste No Water.  The Waste No Water site gives information mostly about irrigation and outdoor water usage such as vehicle washing, fountains and … Continue reading

Couch Potatoes

My husband, Matt, doesn’t want me to share the forthcoming information with you.  He finds it embarrassing even though he loves it at the same time. Hello, my name is Heidi Swanson and I am a home body and couch potato after 5 p.m. I guess it is the yin and yang of our household.  … Continue reading

Above the Line

Several weeks ago I wrote about being Below the Line.  After I wrote about it several people told me they were feeling the same way.  Someone even said they heard that reportedly it was based on some astrological event! Thankfully it was short lived as I tapped into the tools I know that will get … Continue reading


Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. I’ve caught and can’t shake the wanderlust bug.  This welcome ailment has been with me for some time now.  I think the symptoms started when my husband and I took our first six day self supported bike trip in … Continue reading

Who Rescued Who?

I’m in that phase in life where people that got animals in their early adulthood are starting to have to say good-bye to them. It is amazing how when you open your home to an animal they grow with you through every phase of your life without judgement.  To them you are their pack leader … Continue reading