Tiny and Tidier

It’s been three weeks since we moved in our smaller living space and I am happy to say things are getting tidier!  We received our loft and bookcase stairs kit last week which has made a huge difference in getting everything else put away.  Key to small living is each item needs a home and … Continue reading

Tiny but not Tidy

I’m going to be bold and call bullsh*t on all the perfectly organized Tiny Home pictures that are all over the Internet.  Obviously no one is actually living in those abodes with not-a-thing-out-of-place!  I’m wondering if anyone that owns those Tiny Houses are athletes, where do you put two endurance athletes biking and running shoes … Continue reading


Matt and I watch a lot of movies and I joke that I should have been a director or producer as I can usually pick up on foreshadowing and determine what is going to happen next. Over the past few months we’ve had some encounters that I am starting to see as foreshadowing as to … Continue reading

Sunday Brunch Vegan Style

One thing non vegans might not know is there are not a lot of Sunday Brunch options for the vegan crowd (don’t know if you can call 1% of the population a crowd but can’t wait for that number to grow into a crowd!). I am part of the San Diego Vegans group on Facebook … Continue reading

Pacific Northwest roadtrip – Mt Rainer

From Mt Hood we drove to Mt Rainer National Forest.  When we were driving we kept on taking pictures of what we thought was Mt Rainer but it was really Mt Adams!  This was also my first time in the state of Washington.  Only five more states to go to cover all 50 states: Hawaii, … Continue reading

Pacific Northwest roadtrip – Mt. Hood

From Bend we had a short drive to our campsite at Frog Lake Campground near Mt Hood.  The campground was nice and quiet when we arrived so we pulled in to have lunch before driving up to Timberline Lodge to scout out some hiking options. We had to look twice when we arrived at Timberline … Continue reading

Pacific Northwest Trip – Bend, OR

We rolled out of Boise early on a Tuesday morning with our next stop being Bend, Oregon for two days.  We’ve heard so many great things about Bend so were excited to explore the city and cycle around the area. When we first arrived we scouted out the Juniper Swim and Fitness Center to get … Continue reading

Roadtrip – Boise

Our 2.5 week road trip to celebrate our upcoming 15 year wedding anniversary started with a night in North Las Vegas before heading to Boise for five days for a half Ironman race and time with my husband’s family.  Our race was uneventful besides the heat (and surprise cheering section from San Diego friends that … Continue reading