Breakfast & Beverages

Tofu Scrambler: One of our favorite post training brunch meals. Organic extra firm tofu crumbled and browned in frying pan with tumeric, curry and chili powder, topped with vegan cheese. Vegan, gluten free toast w/smashed avocado. Add in roasted brussel sprout shavings and tomatoes! More please!


Potato Hash: We started creating a potato hash when we were doing a light cleanse and the recipe called for potatoes, onions and azuki beans. We still make this hearty meal for breakfast or dinner and each time make it a little differently. Tonight my husband prepped the potatoes, red pepper, tempeh and avo. Delicious and filling!


Chia Cereal: So excited to find and share with you a delicious and nutritious breakfast or snack from Vega and Thrive Forward. 2/3 c. nut or coconut milk of your choice with 3 TBSP white chia seeds and let sit for several hours or overnight and top with a pinch of caradom, nuts and fruit of your choice. I added a splash of maple syrup and my husband added a splash of agave nectar to his serving.


Baked Apples and Oats: I couldn’t decide whether to place this under breakfast or snacks as it can be eaten for either! Tonight I chose to use it for a healthy dessert after a dinner of soup and salad. Core as many apples as you would like and place in a glass dish. Add a dash of Earth Balance, cinnamon and pure maple syrup to each apple. Bake covered on 400 degrees for 20 minutes, baste each apple with the juices in the dish and then bake another 20 minutes. I also put 1/4 c. of quick oats with 1/2 c. water in ramekins and added a little of each of the ingredients above and topped with pecans (or walnuts) to toast in the oven for about 10 minutes (I switched to broil for a couple minutes to get a toast on the nuts). You can make the oatmeal in the micro or on the stove too. Serve the apples and oats together and drizzle with the juices from the glass dish. This will serve as our breakfast tomorrow too since we have extras!


Customized Cereal: I can always remember being a breakfast person and am always perplexed by people that don’t eat breakfast. Growing up our household was always stocked with sugary cereals. Now I tend to prefer a green smoothie or oatmeal but my husband still likes to eat cereal so I found a way to make healthy customized cereal. You can buy bags of puffed cereal, for example, I buy Arrowhead Mills rice and millet for a gluten free option, mix them together in a container and then add things such as pepita seeds, slivered almonds and oat covered dates and top with fresh fruit and nut milk. This can be a fun and healthy activity for your kids at home. Each child could make their own special mix and keep in a container with a label they create from their art supplies. This is also a lower cost alternative to boxed cereal as the bags of puffed cereal are under $2/bag. I also love reading a label and it has only one ingredient!


Hot Cereal: There is a lot of buzz right now on the coming of fall so wanted to share an easy way to make a nutritious hot cereal. I place half quinoa and half brown rice in a rice cooker. When it is done I place in the food processor and add in some oatmeal, pure maple syrup, raisins, apple and cinnamon and pulse together. Easy to store in the fridge and take out portions in the morning and add some nut milk before or after heating up. Lot of ways to customize but here are a few other ideas: ground flax, chia seeds, bananas, berries, walnuts, almonds or pepita seeds.


Customized Muesli: Quick oats, dried fruit dates, nuts, seeds and coconut shreds.  Mixed together and store in air tight container.  Serve cold with nut milk and fresh fruit or add hot water for a hot cereal.


Pancakes: I’ve always loved pancakes.  I’m thankful for all the great resources out there now for gluten free pancakes.  I made Brendan Brazier’s Thrive buckwheat pancakes for brunch.  They are loaded with powerful recovery nutrients such as ground flax seed and hemp protein.  I didn’t have enough of ground flax so I mixed in chia seeds as well.  I added sliced bananas to the batter and topped with berries with a light agave drizzle.



Coconut French Toast: Naked Cafe serves coconut french toast and veganizes it for me by removing the egg. I’ve started making this at home for weekend brunches and also make it gluten free style using Food for Life Wheat Free and Gluten Free raisin pecan bread. Simply soak the bread in almond milk with ground flax seed, vanilla and cinnamon and then coat each piece with shredded coconut and lightly fry in a pan with light coconut oil. We garnish with fruit and dates and pure maple syrup.


Chocolate Banana Smoothie: Bananas are one of my favorite fruits. 1 c milk, 1 banana (frozen or fresh) and 1/2 scoop of Vega One chocolate makes for a great breakfast, pre workout snack or just a snack. I love Vega but if you only have cocoa or cacoa powder that would work too. Of course I zip this up in my trusty Vitamix!


Green Smoothie: I start most days or post workouts with a green smoothie.  1 c water, 1 c orange juice, spinach, strawberries and Vega vanilla protein powder.  I also keep bags of frozen fruit (I usually buy fresh and then freeze but prepackaged works too) ready in the freezer so I can whip up a customized smoothie anytime.  Ripe bananas are also a key ingredient to chop and freeze for smoothies.


Juicing: Matt and I have been juicing for over 5 years but we have probably used our Breville the most in the last two years.  Fresh juice is so delicious.  The one I prepare the most is the “Green Machine” from Joe Cross’ website.  Homemade ginger ale is easy by juicing red apples, lemon and ginger.  You can add in some sparkling water to make it bubbly.


Lemonade: You can make homemade lemonade with only juice from four lemons, 6 cups of water and a splash of agave nectar for a little sweetener.  I am going to add some of this to my next ice tea.  Great clean cleansing drink on a hot day!


Apple Cider Vinegar: I’ve heard buzz about the benefits of adding apple cider vinegar to your daily routine so just started drinking a teaspoon each morning in a warm cup of water. Ironically my cup today is from another vegan,Moby‘s, teany cafe in NYC.


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