Sides & Salads

Cleansing Sides: Today a group of gals are celebrating a friend’s birthday with an ocean swim and picnic. I used some plant based cleansing recipes from The Hearty Heart. What a great way to start off another year of life with healthy food and a refreshing ocean swim! I excluded the cheese from the cucumber avo salad.

Guacamole: Quick flavorful condiment to use on wraps, veg burgers, tex mex and homemade tortilla chips! Simple ingredients of avocados, crushed garlic, sea salt and lime juice. You can add cilantro and tomatoes.

3 Bean Salad: Nice side for a picnic or BBQ and easy to make. Drain and rinse your beans of choice (kidney, black bean and chick peas pictured here), add 1 to 2 parts olive oil and apple cider or red wine vinegar, chopped celery and bell pepper and season with no salt seasoning. You can also add in corn and tomato for even more color!

Red Quinoa Kale Salad: prep quinoa and cool (can use regular quinoa as well), pan fry sweet potatoes (or yams) and add in minced fresh ginger and kale leaves and let steam lightly. Mix quinoa, sweet potatoes and kale in a bowl and add small amount of agave nectar to flavor and garnish with slivered almonds. I like to eat this chilled.

Kale Avo Salad: kale leaves hand massaged with avo and lemon juice garnished with cherry tomatoes and drizzled with miso mayo.

Cabbage Lentil Salad: cabbage carrot mix tossed in hummus, lemon juice & olive oil topped with warm lentils that are flavored with Bragg’s. We use the prepared box lentils from Trader Joe’s in the cold case vegetable section.

3 thoughts on “Sides & Salads

  1. AWESOME OCEAN SWIM FOLLOWED BY A HEALTHY YUMMY……PICNIC LUNCH seaside. Thank you Heidi for celebrating my 53rd B-Day with FRESHNESS.
    You inspire me to live a better life in many ways. Young pup teaching old dog new tricks…LIFE IS GREAT….thanks to GREAT FRIENDS!!!!

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